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Easy to launch or manage assets and protocols across chains with L0 and bridges secured by L1 on-chain validation for DeFi, NFTs, Metas and Games.

The problem underlying beneath was that the Multiverse of Web3 is too complex to use. It is costly, illiquid and risky

The underlying problems are:

  • Most of L1-chains do not have on-chain bridges

  • Bridges and L0s are another step of user experience of complexity, too centralized (frequently hacked) , slow and do not solve the headache of gas tokens

Due to the above reasons, less than 10% of experienced crypto investors with non custodial holdings stake for yield. Emergence of hundreds of blockchains and thousands of protocols elevated the demand for a gateway to Web3 multiverse.

Lachain solves the challenges highlighted above by:

Lachain – as the L0 intermediary – allows seamless access to a multitude of decentralized finance products across major L1 blockchains being a single chain for multiple chains and protocols.

Unlike competition, Lachain enable users to pay for all of the gas fees in a single token - LA, and move crypto across chains and protocols in 2 clicks. These make it easier to launch auto-compounding, DeFi funds, interoperability of Metaverses and Games.

Lachain is less risky, faster and cheaper as we removed off-chain intermediary and reduce the number of transactions up to 4x

Lachain Layer 0 enables cross-chain: data transfer, mint wrapped tokens, validation of bridge transactions on-chain, unlike other Layer 0 off-chain solutions.

Lachain functions

💰 Farm

Enrich yield with yield management/auto-compounding algorithms

↔️ Swap

Multi-token cross-chain swaps

🚀 Launch

Issue and manage wrapped LP tokens across chains by audited smart-contracts

💳 Wallet

Manage your crypto from any chain on Lachain easily

💱 Ladex

Native Lachain decentralized exchange with unified liquidity pools

🌉 Bridge

Send your tokens to Lachain in 2 clicks

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