LA token is freely available ERC20 token. You can purchase it on Latoken CEX and bridge it to Lachain or swap it for wUSDT on Ladex The token distribution follows a fixed supply, decaying emission model.
LA token as liquidity medium
LA is used for cross chain swaps. Swap is going through Ladex pools. Mechanics is available in "Swap" section
LA token as gas on Lachain
LA is a native token of Lachain and used for gas fees within Lachain
LA token as gas across chains
LA is used as gas token on Lachain bridge across all chains


  • 0.05% of all trades are paid to LA staking pool.
  • LA token holders may stake their LA and earn interest .
  • Spot Trading Fees
  • Futures Trading Fees


All LA tokens will be emitted according to distribution portion. Team, Treasury and Future Investor funds are emitted at schedule as public distribution to LPs.
Future Investors (3 month cliff)
Dev Team (1 year cliff)
Liquidity Providers (LP)
Total supply
Max Supply