A quick summary of improvements and additions brought by our architecture.

Lachain protocol

Lachain is L0 intermediary chain, opening a gateway to Web 3.0 and giving access to the multitude of DeFi instruments across major L1 blockchains.

Layer 0 with on-chain validation is an edge in cross-chain security and scalability. Lachain Layer 0 enables cross-chain: data transfer, mint wrapped tokens, validation of bridge transactions on-chain, unlike other Layer 0 off-chain solutions

Architectural benefits

👤 For users:

-Unified liquidity: the shared access of a single liquidity pool between multiple chains.

-Guaranteed instant finality: the guarantee of funds on the destination chain when a transaction is successfully committed on the source chain.

-Omnichain tokens: the user-desired assets (native or most liquid synthetic) on the destination chain.

-Friendly for mass adoption: one click for cross chain transaction completion

-Native gas token fees: pay gas fees for cross chain transactions in sending chain native token once

-Enrich yield: yield management/auto-compounding algorithms

📈 For LPs:

-Simple Liquidity Provider (LP) experience: no bridge synths tokens, no complicated and costly rebalancing. Add liquidity to any chain from Lachain!

-High liquidity efficiency: No double liquidity locking, fully utilize liquidity with the highest yield. Single gas token for multiple chains: provide liquidity to any chain paying gas in LA token

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