Lachain bridge enables user with opportunity to move funds from any chain to Lachain.

Step 1️⃣: Transfer assets from needed chain to Lachain. Lachain will issue wrapped LP token, confirming your value sent.
Step 2️⃣: Transfer assets from Lachain to any chain and any tokens, No need to have any native tokens to pay for gas.

LA slider is the technology powered by Lachain which makes gas fees payments simple and available for any sender. As mentioned in the previous section, gas fees are paid once during the first transaction. Lachain smart contract computes aggregate fee for cross chain transaction on all chains. Aggregate gas fee is paid in native token of the sending chain. LA slider provides an automatic converting of the total gas fee fraction selected by user in LA token, which is needed for paying gas fees in Lachain. Thus, user does not need to buy LA token somewhere and gets it automatically. LA slider lets user to choose fraction of total gas fee needed for converting to LA token. For cross chain transaction completion gas tokens of chain B and Lachain are not needed to be deposited by sender.
LA slider makes cross chain transaction gas payments free of gas tokens headache.
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