Quick User Guide

A quick guide to DeFi with Lachain

Just like on other chains, LACHAIN also needs some native LA tokens to pay for gas and buy other tokens on the chain.

Setup Wallet

  • Follow for setup.

  • Mainnet setup https://lachain.io/

Buying LA token

  1. LA token is available on few different exchanges, for our example we use Latoken.com and native DEX Ladex.

  2. In markets, search for LA. You can find many pairs to buy LA from, eg:

    1. LA/BTC

    2. LA/BUSD

    3. LA/USDT

  3. Once you've bought some LA, got your wallet page.

  4. Click Withdraw, find and click LA

  5. Click Network and select LA. DO NOT SELECT BEP20 (BSC

  6. Enter your wallet address.

  7. Enter the amount of LA tokens and click withdraw.

  8. Click confirm

Bridging tokens to LACHAIN

1) Navigate to https://lachain.io/bridge

2) Switch to Lachain Mainnet Network

3) Transfer USDT and ERC-20 tokens between 10+ chains and LACHAIN

Need Help?

Come visit us in our Telegram or Discord, our admins are always happy to help.

Good to know! We're still documenting this version of GitBook. Some documentation links might be out of date for now!

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