Lachain amToken handler

// pragma solidity 0.6.4;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "../interfaces/IDepositExecute.sol";
import "../interfaces/IERC20.sol";
import "../interfaces/ILendingPool.sol";
import "../interfaces/IBridge.sol";
import "./HandlerHelpers.sol";
import "../ERC20Safe.sol";
import "../ExampleToken.sol";
import "../utils/Ownable.sol";
    @title Handles ERC20 deposits and deposit executions.
    @notice This contract is intended to be used with the Bridge contract.
contract AmTokenHandler is IDepositExecute, HandlerHelpers, Ownable, ERC20Safe {
    address public constant AAVE_POLYGON_LP_ADDR = 0x8dFf5E27EA6b7AC08EbFdf9eB090F32ee9a30fcf;
    address public constant AAVE_MUMBAI_LP_ADDR = 0x9198F13B08E299d85E096929fA9781A1E3d5d827;
    bytes8 public constant LACHAIN_ID = 0x0000000000000019;
    bytes8 public constant LACHAIN_TESTNET_ID = 0x00000000574c4131;
    address public aaveHandler;
    address public erc20Handler;
    struct DepositRecord {
        address _tokenAddress;
        bytes8 _destinationChainID;
        bytes32 _resourceID;
        address _destinationRecipientAddress;
        address _depositer;
        uint256 _amount;
    mapping(bytes8 => mapping(uint64 => DepositRecord)) public _depositRecords;
    mapping(bytes32 => bytes32) public amTokenResources;
    event AAVEWithdrawDone(
        address indexed recipientAddress,
        uint256 amount,
        bytes32 indexed resourceID
        @param bridgeAddress Contract address of previously deployed Bridge.
        address bridgeAddress
    ) public {
        _bridgeAddress = bridgeAddress;
    function setAaveHandler(address _aaveHandler) external onlyOwner {
        aaveHandler = _aaveHandler;
    function setErc20Handler(address _erc20Handler) external onlyOwner {
        erc20Handler = _erc20Handler;
    function setAmTokenResources(bytes32 amTokenResourceId, bytes32 aaveTokenResourceId) external onlyOwner {
        amTokenResources[amTokenResourceId] = aaveTokenResourceId;
    function adminChangeBridgeAddress(address newBridgeAddress) external onlyOwner {
        _bridgeAddress = newBridgeAddress;
    function getDepositRecord(uint64 depositNonce, bytes8 destId)
        returns (DepositRecord memory)
        return _depositRecords[destId][depositNonce];
    function deposit(
        bytes32 resourceID,
        bytes8 destinationChainID,
        uint64 depositNonce,
        address depositer,
        address recipientAddress,
        uint256 amount,
        bytes calldata params
    ) external override onlyBridge returns (address) {
        address tokenAddress = _resourceIDToTokenContractAddress[resourceID];
            "provided tokenAddress is not whitelisted"
        if (_burnList[tokenAddress]) {
            burnERC20(tokenAddress, depositer, amount);
        } else {
            lockERC20(tokenAddress, depositer, address(this), amount);
        _depositRecords[destinationChainID][depositNonce] = DepositRecord(
        return (tokenAddress);
    function executeProposal(
        bytes32 resourceID,
        address recipientAddress,
        uint256 amount,
        bytes calldata params
    ) external override onlyBridge {
        address tokenAddress = _resourceIDToTokenContractAddress[amTokenResources[resourceID]];
        uint256 amountToWithdraw = ILendingPool(AAVE_MUMBAI_LP_ADDR).withdraw(tokenAddress, amount, erc20Handler);
        IBridge(_bridgeAddress).internalDeposit(LACHAIN_TESTNET_ID, amTokenResources[resourceID], amountToWithdraw, recipientAddress);
        emit AAVEWithdrawDone(
        @notice Used to manually release ERC20 tokens from ERC20Safe.
        @param tokenAddress Address of token contract to release.
        @param recipient Address to release tokens to.
        @param amount The amount of ERC20 tokens to release.
    function withdraw(
        address tokenAddress,
        address recipient,
        uint256 amount
    ) external override onlyBridge {
        releaseERC20(tokenAddress, recipient, amount);
    function getAddressFromResourceId(bytes32 resourceID) external override view returns (address) {
        return _resourceIDToTokenContractAddress[resourceID];

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