Enrich your yield with Lachain

Farm overview

Lachain Yield Market is a single spot to manage yields and launch assets across chains. User can move crypto across chains and protocols in 2 clicks and pay all gas fees in LA.

Lachain gives an opportunity to stake in particular protocol on particular chain with asset on any chain. When user clicks “stake” several transactions are launching at once automatically: cross chain swap process via Lachain bridge in order to get needed asset on needed chain for stake opportunity and adding liquidity to particular pool on destination chain. In fact, this user friendly process is more technically complex and detailed description is available in the next section.

How it works?

Lachain is constantly integrating most reliable and high yield protocols. It gives a permissionless access to any yield. It does not matter on which chain you store your assets. With Lachain built-in bridge for providing liquidity, stake opportunities across all chains are available.

AAVE Polygon vault mechanics

  1. Lachain wUSDT -> Polygon USDT

-USDT on any chain is bridged to Lachain

-Lachain issues wrapped USDT as a confirmation for the ownership of USDT

-Wrapped USDT on Lachain is bridged to Polygon.

-Wrapped USDT is burn on Lachain, USDT on Polygon releases

2. USDT on Polygon -> AAVE am.USDT on Polygon

-Via special handler in smart contract USDT is added to liquidity pool of AAVE platform

-AAVE issues am.USDT as LP token.

3. AAVE am.USDT on Polygon -> wrapped AAVE am.USDT on Lachain bridge

-am.USDT on Polygon is locked

-Wrapped am.USDT on Lachain is minted

4. Wrapped AAVE am.USDT on Lachain Bridge -> Wrapped AAVE am.USDT in user wallet

-Wrapped AAVE am.USDT on Lachain Bridge is deposited to user Lachain address as LP token of staked position


Lachain uses auto-compounding mechanism: your yield farming rewards are automatically sold and re-added to your pool to earn higher APY. Let's compare Manual and Automatic compounding


-You need to harvest or compound (reinvest) your rewards by yourself. That means returning to the site, tapping buttons, and using a bit of gas tokens for transaction fees.

-Interest is displayed as APR, which doesn’t include compounding.


-Stake your tokens and forget about it! The token you stake in these pools will be automatically compounded (reinvested) for you.

-Interest is displayed as APY, which includes compounding.

These make it easier to launch Auto - yield management, DeFi funds, interoperability of Metaverses and Games.

User guide

Lachain enables user with assets on any chain to stake in the pool on particular chain, making all the complex processes of bridging and swaps automatically. User needs just two steps

Step 1️⃣: user clicks to "yield market section". Here it is possible to choose any investment opportunity on any chain, which are all available via Lachain

Step 2️⃣: user enters token amount he is willing to stake and click "Deposit" button

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